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a neck and jaw defining procedure

When Results Matter!

The Angle®

“The Angle®” Surgery by Dr. Soler-Baillo Removes Fat from the Neck and Jaw line 


Developed by Dr. Soler-Baillo who is the Founder of Dr. Soler-Baillo Plastic Surgery Center, Miami and a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, “The Angle®” is a minimally invasive procedure geared towards those who seek to reverse unfavorable anatomic characteristics such as a short or heavy neck, and increased subcutaneous fat. “The Angle” takes a strategic and preventive approach to combat the effects of aging and greatly improves patient’s facial profiles—focusing extensively on the precise removal of excess fat from the neck and jaw line. Dr. Soler-Baillo explains that “The Angle” is a subcutaneous micro dermal sculpting method he has perfected that achieves two goals: sculpting the neck and jaw line and tightening the skin, making the patient look thinner, younger, and more attractive. “The Angle” can be performed under local anesthesia or with light oral or IV sedation. The procedure takes less than one hour, and in experienced hands, less than 30 minutes.

Dr. Soler-Baillo further explains that the progression of laxity in facial tissues leads to the aging appearance of the face and neck; therefore, the ideal patient is between 18—mid-40s with sufficient skin elasticity. The immediacy of results relies heavily on the age of the patient—younger patients tend to see faster and more pronounced results. “The Angle” is not just a fascinating procedure that makes patients look more youthful, svelte, and appealing, it is a strategic approach to defy the laws of aging and gravity.




Immediate permanent results. Only one

treatment needed.


Look younger and thinner.


Painless. Takes less than 30 minutes to perform under local or twilight anesthesia.


72 hours

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