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Body Sculpting


Male Body Sculpting – A chiseled body : The confidence to live the lifestyle.


You want the confidence to live the shirtless beach lifestyle. You want to strut in a trim tux. You want the confidence of knowing your physique always makes the right impression. We want to help you achieve that image and self-confidence.


How will my skin look after Male Body Sculpting ?


Dimples, ripples and stretch marks remain unchanged following a male body sculpting procedure. The changes following liposuction are similar to what you would expect if you could lose an equal amount of localized fat through diet and exercise alone. The use of smaller cannulas allows the fibrous connections between your skin and body to remain. These connections will contract over time. As a result, excessive skin folds are so rare that many patients avoid the necessity for surgical skin removal by having excellent results with liposuction alone.


What will my recovery be like?


One or two small stitches close the tiny incisions. You will wear a snug dressing, girdle or body stocking over the treated area for the next several weeks. You may go home after the procedure and rest for at least 24 hours after which you may gradually increase your activity as tolerated. After 2 or 3 days you may resume non-strenuous activities.

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